Discern Health’s predictive models allow for life-changing health events to be anticipated so preventative measures can be applied to reduce risk, keeping patients healthier longer.

Austin, Texas – February 13, 2024 – Meridian Analytics will now be known as Discern Health, a health technology company that builds powerful predictive data models to support healthier and more fulfilling lives. The new brand embodies the company’s commitment to leveraging data for human insight and impact, simplifying complexity, offering meaningful solutions, and informing sound judgment to improve both lifespan and healthspan.

The company’s team of healthcare providers and data scientists build human-focused and predictive healthcare solutions to enable healthier and more fulfilling lives. “One harmful health event – such as a fall or heart attack – can forever change the course of a person’s life,” said Paulo B. Pinho, M.D., chief medical and strategy officer at Discern Health. “If those events can be anticipated, providers can intervene with preventative measures to improve health outcomes, lowering healthcare costs and extending the lifespans of those they serve.”

Discern Health’s models are based on unique data sets that include more than 77 million patients and integrate determinants of health beyond medical charts to predict life-changing health events before they occur. Recognizing the magnitude of health data generated by every patient – with one person generating 80 megabytes of new health data this year alone – the company coalesces disparate data points into actionable insights that can be embedded into provider workflows for ease of use.

“While Discern Health is focused on health data analytics, we build our models to focus on human insight and human impact,” said Ben Hsieh, vice president of product at Discern Health. “Our data scientists and clinicians work alongside each other to center humans at every step, viewing patients holistically and empowering healthcare providers to deliver personalized care.”

For example, Discern Health can support identifying patients at risk for falls to intervene and prevent them. Around 80 million people are on government-sponsored health plans such as Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Of those, about 25% will fall each year, costing between $9,000-13,500 in medical costs, which doubles if the patient is hospitalized. Today, Medicare spends $29 billion annually on costs related to falls. Using Discern Health’s fall risks solution, members with a risk of falling can be identified up to one year in advance without a clinical evaluation so fall prevention intervention can be applied, saving nearly $1,000 per member.

Discern Health can work with a variety of partners to improve preventative care through predictive insights including health plans, providers, health information exchanges, vendors, governments and more. Learn more about the company’s unique models at discernhealth.ai

About Discern Health

Discern Health builds powerful predictive data models that enable people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Founded in 2022, Discern is an experienced team of healthcare providers and data scientists driven to predict harmful health events in order to prevent them. The company’s evolving library of 30+ predictive models constantly learns by incorporating real-time health data as it is generated — making Discern Health an invaluable partner for anyone invested in more insightful, affordable, proactive healthcare. Follow Discern Health on LinkedIn and Twitter/X.

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