Predicting health events to enable people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Discern Health delivers predictive insights that are purpose-built to enhance health trajectories and more affordable and proactive healthcare.

Powering predictive care

Human focus

Human insight and human impact guide our work. Real clinicians work alongside data scientists to guide our predictive models. We view patients as people, not just the data in their medical records. And we empower providers to do the work they love – help patients. 

Mighty scale

One person will generate thousands of new health data points each year, scattered across disparate databases and in various formats. All these data points are part of a person’s story. Discern Health coalesces them into actionable insights.

Life-changing predictions

One harmful health event can forever change the course of a person’s life. When you can anticipate those events, you can improve health outcomes. Discern Health helps you do that.

Value Creation

We offer custom solutions to capture value and improve outcomes for our partners.

Predictive Analytics

We train our models with our one-of-a-kind longitudinal, whole-person dataset then calibrate them to our partners’ existing data.

Data Assets

Our datasets contain full, robust medical histories, combined with social determinants of health, of millions of individual senior adults.

The Discern Health Platform

We combine decades of medical records, lab results, billing codes, prescription data, and lifestyle factors based on 77 million patients, resulting in a unique dataset that helps our partners better manage risk.

Recent Insights

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Exploring the Future of Healthcare: Key Discussions from HIMSS 2024

April 3, 2024      3 min. read

Central to our team's discussions at HIMSS 2024 were the emerging technologies and their potential to revolutionize the healthcare sector through digital health innovations and cybersecurity measures. The conference underscored the critical role of technology partners in healthcare's digital transformation, highlighting how such collaborations can enhance efficiency for clinical professionals and shape the next generation of healthcare models.


Electronic Health Records and Data Standards for Life Insurance

March 27, 2024      5 min. read

Life insurance underwriting is a notoriously difficult and historically non-standardized process, heavily impacted by the quality of the health records used to make decisions. For On The Risk, The Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting, Dr. Paulo Pinho, Discern Health’s chief medical and strategy officer, and Andy Kramer, vice president of underwriting risk and innovation at M Financial, explored the past, present and future of electronic health records (EHRs) in life underwriting, the need for interdisciplinary collaboration between underwriters, informaticists and technologists, and how data standards will revolutionize the future of the industry.


Data Science at Discern Health: A Conversation with VP Khurram Tehseen

March 19, 2024      3 min. read

As the Vice President of Data Science at Discern Health, Khurram Tehseen brings a wealth of experience and insight. In a recent conversation, Tehseen shared invaluable insights into the nuances of longitudinal data and its pivotal role in shaping data-driven decisions in healthcare. 

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