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The Discern Health team is still soaking in the insights from presentations and conversations at the HIMSS 2024 Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando earlier this month. Our team was in Microsoft’s booth, which led to engaging conversations with other attendees.

Central to our discussions were the emerging technologies and their potential to revolutionize the healthcare sector through digital health innovations and cybersecurity measures. The HIMSS 2024 experience underscored the critical role of technology partners in healthcare’s digital transformation, highlighting how such collaborations can enhance efficiency for clinical professionals and shape the next generation of healthcare models.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

It comes as no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) was the hottest topic at the conference, but unlike a year ago when there was a buzz about implications of generative AI especially, there was more discussion this year around real ways that AI is at work already within healthcare and where we expect it to continue to transform care in the years to come.

Key highlights include:

  • Diagnostic Enhancements and Personalized Care: AI’s capability to improve diagnostic accuracy and personalize patient care was a recurring theme. Generative AI, especially through advanced language models, is paving the way for these advancements, offering more precise and tailored healthcare solutions
  • Operational Efficiencies and Administrative Relief: The conference showcased practical AI applications aimed at reducing administrative burdens and enhancing operational efficiencies within healthcare settings.
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations: Discussions didn’t shy away from the challenges accompanying AI integration into healthcare. Topics covered included governance, mitigating biases, ethical practices, and navigating the legal and operational risks associated with AI deployment, highlighting the importance of a balanced approach to AI adoption.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

With the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare, cybersecurity and data protection were front and center at HIMSS 2024, illuminating the pressing need for robust strategies to safeguard patient information against the backdrop of increasing threats.

The healthcare sector is witnessing a surge in cyberattacks, notably ransomware, underscoring the vulnerability of digital health data. Conversations underscored the critical importance of cybersecurity in the evolving landscape of healthcare technology, with a consensus on the need for continuous innovation and collaboration to protect sensitive patient data.

Value-Based Care and Technology Integration

Another theme was integration of technology to help achieve value-based care goals. Health systems explored innovative solutions aimed at improving patient outcomes while optimizing costs. The conference highlighted how technology, including AI, telehealth, and interoperable systems, plays a pivotal role in driving value-based care initiatives forward.

Collaboration and Partnerships

The Discern Health team was pleased to see the value of collaboration and partnerships emerge as a highlight of the conference. These collaborative efforts included healthcare providers, technology companies, startups, associations, and more coming together to drive innovation and address complex challenges. This resonated with our team as we look to collaborate with a range of partners – from other technology companies, to providers and health plans, and health information exchanges, among others.

Conclusion on HIMSS

Through discussions at our booth and the innovative showcases at HIMSS 2024, our team left Orlando with a renewed excitement around the transformative power of technology in healthcare. The dialogue around AI, digital transformation, patient care optimization, and cybersecurity stresses the interconnectedness of technology, policy, and practice in shaping future healthcare models.

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